Eren Niazi

Eren Niazi

Originally from Sunnyvale, California, Eren Niazi started learning how to develop programming codes when he was 12 years old. By age 18, he had a vision of a free world where all programmers worked together to unlock and develop disruptive technology, furthering technological progress as a community. He knew he could provide a low-cost, scalable enterprise solution and he was determined to make it a reality. The resulting ‘free world’ Eren created became an environment for programmers to create technology and a platform of communication where these programmers could share their technology. After its creation, a natural evolution occurred which would not only make source codes better as they exchanged hands, but it would also allow young entrepreneurs to further their own visions by freeing them from dependence on large, proprietary companies for information and resources.

Eren Niazi is the original visionary/creator who pioneered the open source storage movement, successfully branding the entire industry as we know it today. He holds several U.S. patents and patents pending, which involve disruptive technologies. One such patent was the very first patent to ever be filed having to do with artificial intelligence technology. Eren Niazi also designed Facebook’s core systems during its hyper-growth phase and was instrumental in providing support for Friendster, the US Army, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Shutterfly.

Eren’s enterprise-level open source products and services have each contributed and resulted in world-class, industrial strength deployments, changing industry standards forever. Eren Niazi is committed to further developing a world for open source software, where free-thinking, open minds are encouraged to create and contribute, and where the ultimate outcome is a better technological environment for everyone on the planet. He is currently the chief technology officer for Open Source Evolution, although he has many exciting projects underway.

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